Integrity Lawn Service
526 E Fond du Lac St
Ripon, WI

Service Description

Integrity Lawn Service & Supply, Inc. is dedicated to providing outstanding products and service to our valued customers. Our main focus is to create an outdoor living space that you will enjoy for years to come. We approach every project with an artistic eye to detail and an understanding of the customer’s vision. If you want to install your own landscaping or you would like us to install it, we have several options to meet your needs.

Desigining Process

We approach our clients with a stepping stone process that starts with questions about what you want in your landscape. From your ideas and our creativity a beautiful design is formed. Integrity Lawn Service & Supply, Inc. uses a three step process:

  • Conception
  • Design- Using a CAD landscape program.
  • Installation


Integrity Lawn Service & Supply, Inc. works with you in order to achieve your ideal landscape. Our landscape designer will visit your residence or business for a consultation and estimate. By giving us ideas of your landscaping plans, we can provide you with the service you desire. We can assist you with a plan that can be accomplished in stages to accommodate your budget.




Each design is approached differently. We can do an initial conceptual design, or computer generated images, if needed. Our designers consider many aspects of the site such as drainage, shade, existing vegetation and the path of the sun. Using a professional landscape program our deisgners will work with you to create your vision. You will be able to see, and approve, your finished product. Even see what it will look like years down the road.


Once a landscape design has been approved, we begin installation. We start with the layout of planting beds, hardscapes and special features. Next, our crews arrive and begin work. They are courteous and always willing to answer your questions. When the installation is complete, we willperform a thorough clean up and ensure your satisfaction with all phases of our projects. Once a project is complete we leave the site clean and ready for you to enjoy.